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This is my story in pieces. The good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between. It is messy and flawed...just like it's author. I am not a selfliss person...I am not an angel...I am a loud, opinionated, most of the time crazy, Mom. I write here the things I cannot discuss in my "day to day life". These views are my own, from my own journey. Adoption has changed my life forever, some for good, some not so good. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. It's not your story...it's mine. Consider it a manual on "How Not To Act/What Not To Do When You Are Pregnant and Considering Adoption". If you learn nothing else, learn to educate yourself to the long term affects on yourself, your family, and the child you chose to place.

Oh...and please, don't call me "bitter". I prefer the term "enlightened".

***DISCLAIMER-I don't speak for anyone but me...in this story or in life. It is here as an educational tool if anyone chooses to learn something. I appreciate comments always.***

P.S. Just because I don't actively blog doesn't mean I still don't LOVE comments. Yes, I still check them. I guess I would just rather hear YOUR thoughts, than share mine.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bloggers Block

So today I feel really compelled to post another blog, but I am torn between two subjects...my feelings on the Aparents need for absolute privacy and why it bothers me sometimes...or writing about how I feel when it comes to defining everyone's roles within this event.

Then again, I feel the need to discuss why somedays the whole topic is so overwhelming. And what I would say to someone today if they were faced with the adoption choice, as that may be coming to light very soon.

At any rate...I am not done blogging by any stretch. I simply have too little time and too many thoughts. Imagine that...a personal concierge who has too little time...:) Ironic.

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