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Monday, April 5, 2010

Her Best Days Will be Some of My worst....

I am not going to blog today. Somewhere it is a very happy day, full of balloons, and party decorations, and presents, and a little cake probably being smooshed in the face of an angel. It's not here though.

Today, I am going to sit, and reflect, and meditate, or pray, or do whatever it takes to wipe out the growing, intense hatred and disgust that I am feeling. I am not lighting a candle. I am not planting a tree. I am not going to do anything.

I am going to work on this hatred and will be back when it has passed.

Happy Birthday Little One.


  1. :( Thinking of you today! Not that this helps at all but today is our son's birth grandma's birthday too. She's an amazing woman and your lil one shares a birthday with her.
    Your in my thoughts.
    Love, Meghan

  2. Oh darlin',
    I will also pray for you and send all of my good thoughts your way. It will be a hard day, this I know from experience. You have the right idea, to reflect and allow yourself to just be today. I hope that somewhere you will find a smile, or just a peaceful thought to remind you of your strength, your courage and your amazing heart. I may be saying all the wrong things, but I just can't help but remind you that it is okay to love yourself.

    Peace be with you my beautiful friend. You have someone out here who cares about you, and understands all that you may be feeeling.

  3. No deep, thought provoking comments here. Just wanted to say I today sounds like it really sucks and tomorrow will be better.


  4. I hope you can work through your feelings and find peace somewhere. That is my prayer for you! That you will find some kind of peace soon and let that takes its place in your heart. Your not alone.... in our darkest hours, I believe God's angels are with us, praying for us, supporting us and loving us.

  5. I said a prayer of peace for you, too.

  6. Thank all of you for your kind words, and prayers. It means a lot to me, and I am very greatful!


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