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Sunday, April 25, 2010

FORMSPRING QUESTION ANSWERED...Of your children, who do you see most of yourself in?

     That's a loaded question...lol. But it really got me thinking, and here is what I have come up with.

     If we were strictly talking about physical appearance, I would say Taryn hands down. She is the spitting image of me at her age, and although we have been apart for many many years, we share an enormous amount of things in common. I have first hand experience at seeing that much of who we are IS IN FACT hereditary, and no matter what others will have you believe, it is not something that can be ignored or overlooked. She does a great job of keeping a very happy facade in a sometimes very complicated life. She shares my love of music and showmanship. She is built like me, talks like me, and walks like me. She drives her family nuts with who she is, because she is so much like me (and believe me when I say they are probably NOT too happy about that) But as much as the resemblance is unmistakeable, we are very different in a lot of ways as well. I look at her fondly, and wish that I was more like HER. Since she was born she has lived inside a world of luxury that I have spent my entire life chasing. She does not know what it is like to be abused, feel unloved by everyone, be hungry...all things that I have experienced. I find great delight in the fact that she is almost an "airbrushed version" of me...loving, and beautiful, and untouched by the harsh realities that are sometimes my life. It puts a lot of joy into me, especially when things were strained between us. I have such a deep love, and glowing admiration for the young woman she is becoming, and am SO thankful to be rebuilding a close relationship with her.

     If we were talking about which child I RELATE to the most, that would be Tyler. Since he opened his eyes at birth, he has been my sunshine. When he was little and just learning to talk where you could understand him, his good night prayer used to entail..."I am Tyler. I am Mommy's Faborite. The sun rises and the sun sets on whateber I do, Amen." Obviously he had a problem with "v's", but it was adorable none the less. Tyler was born when the divorce from my first husband was relatively new. He was a precious ray of light placed right in the middle of a very dark situation. He did not receive the benefits of my extended families love and affection. He had only my love, and that wasn't worth much back then. I always paid close attention to him, partly out of guilt for letting Taryn go, and partly out of pride and disgust that I knew what my family was missing. Tyler has known hunger. He has known what it's like to be without. He has known what "payday" was since he was two years old. There is no sugar coating anything with Tyler. He is a realist. He also is musically talented, loves to be the center of attention, and has an extremely deep need to feel loved and accepted. I see so much of me in his temper tantrums as well. Tyler is VERY short fused, and never afraid to really let loose and freak out. Ten minutes later, he usually doesn't know what set him off. He is ALWAYS asking if we love him, and no matter how many hugs or kisses he is given, he will still ask. Like me, he has such a deep need for acceptance, and what worries me most is that like me, he will never truly feel it. He requires extra patience, and I am always the first to stand up for him when needed. He also has a spoiled streak to him...no matter what he is given, it is NEVER enough. He has a drive about him that I can relate too...almost like he is constantly chasing something...but unlike me, I hope he finds it.

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