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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yes, I made a mistake. And Yes, I still "hate" you...LOL

So I am always the first to point out that I am not perfect, but usually I say it because it's something we are supposed to say as human beings. On Tuesday, however, I made a pretty large mistake, and now I look like an ass. Oops.

I have whined before about collection agencies. Of how for that ONE REASON ALONE, I wish we would have used an adoption agency, or at least had my own lawyer. About how I have three bills from the baby's birth sitting in collections, because the companies won't contact L* and M*, and I won't either. My credit score sucks as it is, so what's one more charge...right?

So this Arrowhead Collection Agency has been calling and calling and calling some more about a $237 bill for the anesthesiologist. I could honestly care less if they get their money. I will care about them, when someone from the "happy side" decides to care about me. But enough was enough. I make sure not to run up bills to make my score worse, and this wasn't my concern. Plus, I still "hate" M* and L* over the whole picture fiasco (which I know is petty and I am working on).

But on Tuesday, after the 12th call from them, I blew up. I gave them the happy couple's phone number, and told them to STOP calling me about somebody else's kid. And a bunch of other mean stuff, and then defiantley slammed down the phone.
Yeah....lol. The phone rings 15 minutes later, and it is the evil woman from Arrowhead. She tells me, "I just got off the phone with L* and she told me to inform you that she did not even know you in 2007, and that she can't take care of anymore of YOUR problems for you. She's done enough!" And then hangs up on me. And I was LIVID!!!!

I started ranting..."She couldn't even call me and tell me that herself? Send me an email? She's gotta have the collection lady call me back??? Done enough?...who does this bi$%# think she is. She's over there hogging MY child....wait...2007...what???"

And then I had to stop and think...2007??? Ooooopsss........
Apparently it was an old bill from Logan (my 2 1/2 year old). So of course, I stopped cursing, calmed down, and called Arrowhead back immediately. I then learned, that the bill had been floating around some office for over two years, and it had recently been sold to another party for collection (Arrowhead). It had no date of service on it, and I has assumed that it was for the baby.

Talk about bad timing.

Despite my irritation at L*'s comments, I shot a very apologetic email over to L* and M* explaining the mix up and that I was sorry for assuming, and any other inconvienence it may have caused them. And guess what I got back from them......


Yes, I still "hate you". More so now than ever.

And obviously, I'm not perfect.


  1. I have a smile on my face...I can only imagine the embarassment once you heard 2007. I smile because I did the same thing a few years back, thought I paid a bill for my son and was livid that they were calling me to pay it again. Once they told me that it was for MY procedure, not his, I had to pull my tail between my legs and apologize for my brutal PMS ways!

    But I do understand why you are still agrivated with them. Some Aparents just do not understand what we have lost, and at times it seems that they just don't care. Not saying all of them are like this, but it hurts when this kind of behavior is displayed. Keep writing girl, get it out! Get it ALL OUT!!!!

  2. Oh how embarrassing. But still who does she think she is talking like that? Appalling! I am sorry she treated you that way. I would feel so rotten doing that to my son's birthmama.

    be blessed


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