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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On a lighter note-Here's an update on my children...LOL

So I have five different posts going right now in draft form, and there are some really heavy emotions out on my table right now. They are taking a lot longer to write because so much is involved, and some of it I wasn't ready for. So I thought I would lighten the load, and try my hand at a funnier post. After talking to a great group of ladies on Adoption Voices Chat yesterday, I thought I would write this, based upon our conversation. This is my "update" of my own children, written as if I were L* and M*. The pictures are the best I could find.....LOL. Enjoy!!!

Wow. We all have been having such an amazing time as a family, and we thought that we would share it with you. The picture on the left is of Hailey. Hailey is in her swimsuit, and Hailey really likes it. I feel so special I am the one who got to buy this swimsuit for Hailey. I think about it the trip to get it with Hailey all the time. Here is Hailey again on the right. She has such a great smile. Hailey must get her smile from me.

This is Tyler, though I don't know when I took the pictures. The one on the left is of Tyler looking at Tyler in the mirror. Perry didn't clean the mirror, so you can't see Tyler very well, but you get the idea. Oh I remember when Tyler was born. Such great memories. Can't believe Tyler is nine now. The one on the right is Tyler when we took him to Disneyland. Tyler had such a great time, and then we took him to visit some friends. All of our friends were so excited at how much he's grown since they last saw him.

Last but not least is Logan. Logan is such a blessing, and we are so thankful for him every day. Logan is such a joy. Here's a picture of Logan on our couch. Here is another picture of Logan playing hide and seek at Disneyland. He too had a great time. Wish you could have all seen Logan's excitement at meeting Mickey Mouse.

I will try to sit down in the next few weeks and try to send you an update about Tyler, Hailey, and Logan. It's so hard to find the perfect time to sit and write a lengthy email about Tyler, Hailey, and Logan, so BYE for now. Until then, I am thinking of you all. Thanks again.
Lots of Love,


  1. Thanks, Michelle, for the great post, Michelle. Michelle, I really laughed at this after thinking about my talk with Michelle and some great ladies on AV last night. Right, Michelle? I thought so Michelle.

    \/ Heather

  2. I clearly jumped off chat too early last night! Bummer. lol

  3. Can someone get me some Depends!!!!LOL!! You are freaking HILARIOUS Michelle! Thank you so much for the detailed update on Hailey,Tyler and Logan, Michelle. Feels like I know them! ;)
    Keep us updated Michelle, until then we will be thinking of you Michelle.
    ;) luv ya.....seriously too funny!

  4. THIS is the chat I missed?!!! I'm so totally coming back. This post made me roll with laughter!!!!

  5. Haha, this is something I would do! LOVE your sense of humor!

  6. I'm really laughing at that last pic...seriously!

  7. Again with reading back posts, but you totally have my couch in your house! LOL!


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