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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Please take a Moment and view this AMAZING ARTIST!

Several months ago, I ran across an amazing artist on Facebook. Every bit of her work that I viewed, I LOVED!!! Imagine my surprise when I realized that she is the adorable little sister of a very dear friend of mine from high school. I was tickled pink. And because I was so impressed, I asked if I could share her blog on mine. She graciously said yes...and it was then that I realized I was not that blog savvy. So, several months later, and several lessons in blog design from my amazing friends on Adoption Voices, I can finally give her some exposure.

I strongly encourage you ALL to check out JB Creations Etc. Johnna Brunenkant is an artist, originally from Arizona, but now living in Southern Oregon. JB Creations Etc. offers stationery, cards specializing in custom invitations, and other gifts created by the artist herself.

I personally am going to order a custom design with John 16:20 on it. That scripture is my personal mission statement in regards to my adoption journey. And lately, I am beginning to feel that it is this blog that is turning my "grief to joy". The people that I have met, and loved, and prayed for, and learned so much from over the last 15 months all came to me from this blog. I really love that there is an avenue like this for us to come together.

Recently, Birthmothers 4 Adoption ran a logo contest. I made a feeble attempt at an entry, and blasted it all over my Facebook, hoping that Johnna would see it and enter. Thankfully, she did see it and designed the most amazing logo I have ever seen. She did not make the deadline though, and while it may not help her, I did beg for the option to do a "write in ballot". Hopefully you can do the same.

I love this artwork. I love it for so many reasons...and if it wasn't so late, I would go on for days. I will say this much, however, I am going to email her in the morning and ask permission to have that beautiful "Birthmother" tattooed on me. I wear my label proudly, and can think of nothing more fitting to show that than this beautiful piece of artwork.

Check it out!!!!

So absolutely beautiful. Please check out her work, and see if there is something she can design for you.

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