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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hold close that which we hold dear...

This little beauty showed up for me recently, sent by one of my most nearest and dearest friends. When I received her, I read her tag...sniffed it to see if it was called a Willow Tree because of its scent, and placed her on one of my display shelves in my living room. (And NO KELSEY...it wasn't the "family shelf"...inside joke)

I googled it's meaning too...It is called Angel's Embrace, and this is the description the website gives for it: "This piece can be about the feeling you get from holding a child, or the child can represent something you want to protect ... a person, a memory, a relationship, a dream, a belief. Thus, the sentiment ‘hold close that which we hold dear’ can refer to someone or something tangible — or intangible and ethereal."

I stared at it lovingly for two days before Perry finally noticed it. He knew it was there. He knew whom it was from. He just hadn't really looked at it. (MEN) We were on our way out the door, and he was holding Logan in the "Koala Bear Hug" stance...which ironically is identical to how the angel is holding this child. He stood there looking at it for a few moments, and then he reached out to pick it up and read the tag. He then told me it was written too small, and that I'd have to read it to him. I read aloud...

"Hold close that which we hold dear..."

He stared at it for a few seconds more, looking perplexed, and then said, "It's not a BABY, it's a TODDLER!" I said, "I know". He was quiet for a second, looked down at Logan clinging to him and said simply..."Wise, wise woman...Take your Boy". And out the door he went.

I was so touched...both by this beautiful gift, the symbolism behind it, and the meaning that he took from it.

To my beloved friend....Thank you, yet again.


  1. As I read this story again, I'm crying AGAIN! You know this already, but I won't get sick of saying how much I love you and your family.


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