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Oh...and please, don't call me "bitter". I prefer the term "enlightened".

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting Down and Dirty for the R House Challenge!

I love writing about adoption. Even on the days I think I hate adoption. Even in months like October of 2010, when I thought adoption was the worst thing that ever happened to my life. But guess what....? October is over, and November is here, and with it comes National Adoption Month!

This year, I am totally taking the r house challenge! 30 Days of blogging adoption!!! What could be better?

Click here, and you too can learn all about it and participate. Even if you're not a blogger, grab a notebook or a journal, and just do it! Write your feelings. Take notes. Dare to tread where you had never envisioned going in your life. Then at the end of the 30 days, see what you've learned. Maybe it will be ugly myths that you have believed aren't true. Maybe you will learn that fear and insecurity destroy so many lives daily, and for nothing. Maybe you will find (and this happens to me ALL THE TIME), that what you believe to be "a right" isn't "right" at all.

For me, blogging is theraputic and a great way to educate myself and others. The things I learn from reading other blogs always gives me hope, wisdom, perspective, and courage...even when they are the blogs that are hard to read, or filled with thoughts I don't believe. Learning from others experiences is never a bad thing, as long as you don't lose sight of your own.

It's been a bittersweet month for me. Sometimes things don't go as you planned. I gained some great clarity. Learned a whole new perspective on life from people I care about very deeply. Met some of the neatest people EVER at the FSA Conference. Had a mini meltdown. And rose from the ashes full of thoughts, views, and feelings that are really new and scary, but exciting at the same time.

So while this is not truly a "blog post", it is my mini-kickoff speech. I will post daily, all month long, and encourage each of you to do the same.

Here's a sneek peek of some of the posts I've got coming....
  • "If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it...does it still make a sound?" (On learning effective communication skills so that everyone gets the most from their adoption experience. Based on an amazing article I read about "thinking" versus "saying" versus "hearing".)
  • "Of Course Hindsight is 20/20...Watching Life Over..." (An interesting parallel to movies like "Sixth Sense", "The Others", or "Fight Club" where everything makes so much more sense once you already know the ending...)
  • "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree" (A post not really related to adoption, but more on the wonders of how genes carry over whether we want them to or not. Inspired by the lovely Taryn, and this super cool customer I had a few days ago.)
  • "Through the Looking Glass...Seeing things from the other side" (Inspired by an AMAZING email sent to me by two very close friends about how things might be on the other side of the fence)
  • "Ignorance is Bliss...Also known as "Thou Shalt Not Covet" (Inspired by yet another AMAZING email sent by an amazing birthmother as she reminds me that sometimes wanting what others have can create more problems than you expected.

Ok....that's all you get. But there will be 30 days of crazy ramblings. So get in, sit back, and HOLD ON......


  1. im so excited to read all your posts! sadly i cannot accept the challenge at this time and hope that the adoption world will forgive me!! (theres always 2011 for 30 days of blogging, right?! lol)
    happy ntl adoption month!! adoption luvs

  2. Yea! I just knew you couldn't stay away!

  3. Wahoo!! I can't wait to read some more!


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