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Oh...and please, don't call me "bitter". I prefer the term "enlightened".

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have I Mentioned how much I LOVE Kelsey?

This isn't today's "official post" (unless I never make it back....) but I wanted to share an AMAZING post from one of my favorite birthmoms. Kelsey Stewart, over at A Birth Mother Voice.

Click Here, and share as she discusses why SHE advocates. Very powerful post, full of very good information. I am so thankful to her for showing that Adoption won't kill you...it just makes you stronger.

Oh, and no Kelsey post would be complete without a shameless plug for her FANTASTIC BOOK.

Before she left, she took the time to personalize two books, one for Tyler and one for Hailey. Both kids loved the book. It was the tool we used to open our kids minds to adoption, and our situation. They both took it very well, and were happy that we made "such a brave choice". This is a required "MUST HAVE" for anyone touched by adoption.

(And as a funny side note, when we were at the FSA Conference, this wonderful book was featured at one of the tables, lying flat at the base of the propped up Jamie Lee Curtis' book "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born." Since that book kind of annoyed me, I totally switched spots with Kelsey's Book. HAHAHAH!!!)


  1. I love Kelsey too! Her blog helped me come to my own adoption decision because it was chock full of information, honesty and experience. I also bought her book for my daughter. It is the only adoption book for kids that I felt said exactly how I wanted to express "why" to her. She's given me the strength to share my experience with others as well. She rocks!

  2. My favorite stalker speaks! Thanks Perrbear, you always have the ability to make me feel like a rock star! And it is funny, I read your post "Thank You!!! An Unexpected Aide in My Journey To Advocate...." yesterday and thought that we must be on the same wavelength! (BTW Loved that post) You have such a great ability to speak your truths with such honesty and compassion!

    Congrats to you for all your recent success in being a strong voice for the Braveheart side, for speaking so brilliantly of life after loss, for your powerful self recognition in this world of adopiton. I am so proud of you and not at all surprised that so many have found your blog to be exactly what it is ... you!

    And thank you Life Being Lived. Just like Michelle, I only hope that sharing my journey can help others truly understand what adoption is for our side. I think you are both pretty ourstanding ladies!

  3. I love Kelsey, too! She's so amazing!


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